Practical Ways to Maintain Pregnancy

Maintaining health in young pregnancy is an important step to ensure the formation and development of fetal organs in the womb. Early pregnancy or early pregnancy are confusing moments obgyn centre of excellence. Various changes experienced, you should respond appropriately to keep the pregnancy healthy. Many body adjustments are triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy. It is intended that the baby can grow and develop normally and healthy in the womb. You can consult a gynecologist Chattanooga tn.

Here are some things that pregnant women can do to maintain a young pregnancy, including:

– Overcoming complaints and physical changes
Various physical changes in pregnancy that generally occur are nausea, vomiting (morning sickness), breast pain, frequent urination, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty defecating, and the desire to eat something out of the ordinary or cravings. In addition, there are also pregnant women who are sensitive to certain odors, such as perfume or cigarette smoke. To relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, pregnant women can consume food in smaller portions more often. Drink plenty of water, interspersed with ginger drinks. Not only that, but adequate rest also helps reduce feelings of weakness during young pregnancy. To prevent constipation during young pregnancy, limit fried foods, spicy foods, and soda drinks. It also includes fiber-rich foods and does light body activities. Avoid urinating, because it can trigger urinary tract infections. To help deal with dizziness during young pregnancy, avoid standing too long and do not change positions suddenly. Lying to the left will help relieve dizziness.

– Avoid cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, and limit caffeine
One risk factor that can cause miscarriage, premature babies, and problematic placentas are smoking. Some studies even link cigarettes to cleft lip conditions. Also avoid alcoholic drinks because it can increase the risk of low birth weight babies, growth and development disorders, and become hyperactive. Limit your intake of caffeine to avoid the risk of miscarriage and other problems in maintaining your pregnancy. In addition, avoid activities or hobbies that make pregnant women use chemicals such as cleaning fluids, pesticides, or those containing heavy metals.

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