Painting House Walls With Easy Techniques

If you are painters woodstock, then murals are what you usually do. Some time ago, the mural was famous for painting the exterior of the house or walls that are on the streets. Often the street wall has space to paint, but this time the mural was done to paint the interior of the house. In addition to adding aesthetics, murals can also give a particular impression. You can do this mural yourself to decorate a bedroom or another room in your house.

But how? Follow the tips below, complete with techniques that you can do.

Clean the Wall First

Before painting or painting the walls of a house, make sure that the walls are spotless of dust or other dirt that can interfere with the appearance of your paintings. That way, the results of the art will look better and attractive according to what you want. After the wall is clean, the thing to do is to paint the wall with a base color. This essential color is intended to make the color of your painting last longer. For the selection of primary colors, you can choose neutral or white.

1 Sponging Technique

Painting House Walls With Easy Techniques. To start decorating the walls of a house, you can use this simple technique. This sponging technique is a technique of painting a wall with a sponge dipped in water and paint and then put on the wall. Don’t forget to squeeze the sponge to reduce the exciting water content. If in doubt with the thickness of the paint, you can use paper cloth. The results of this technique will produce a texture in the form of a blue cloud in the sky.

2 Stippling Techniques

One technique to paint and decorate the walls of the house is the stippling technique. Wall painters widely use this technique. How to apply this technique is to prepare underpainting on the wall you want to paint. After the paint dries, you can paint thinly with new paint; usually, the next color is dark.

3 Stencil Technique

Painting House Walls With Easy Techniques. This technique is different from the previous painting technique. If the last technology we use tools to make different textures, this technique is done using molds. You can buy these molds in various shapes according to what you want. Care must be taken in carrying out this technique so that the walls are not dirty from the rest of the paint on the mold.

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