Know The Causes Of Rheumatism At Young Age

Rheumatism usually occurs in middle age, but young children can also get this disease. According to research emergency chiropractic near me 8 of 100,000 people who are in the age range of 18-34 years suffer from rheumatism. According to health data, environmental and genetic factors can put young people at risk of rheumatism. Prevent rheumatism by consulting a chiropractor santa monica.

Early rheumatism triggers complications in old age
When you experience rheumatism at a young age with symptoms of inflammation in small joints, such as big fingers and toes, you may be able to experience more severe symptoms later in life.

As he revealed earlier, suffering from rheumatism at a young age is closely related to genetic conditions. Sometimes people with certain genetic immune systems have a tendency to release certain higher protein levels. This condition makes him more prone to rheumatism. Old age is not the only cause of a person experiencing rheumatism. There are several other factors that trigger such as:

1. Gender
Apparently, women are more likely to experience arthritis than men. This is because women have hormone estrogen. This hormone can sometimes cause fluctuations in the immune system. Disorders of the immune system can make the body’s immune system wrong about its own body tissue, thus attacking its own system. One effect of this error is arthritis.

2. Genetics
It has already been explained that certain genetic conditions can make a person more prone to rheumatism. When a family member experiences rheumatism, it is likely that you will also experience rheumatism. Immediately consult a doctor to get clearer information about this.

3. Obesity
People who are overweight (obese) are more susceptible to various diseases, one of them is arthritis. Keep in mind, joints such as knees and hips work to support the weight. Joints in this section will feel more pressure when someone is on the move.

Obesity can cause pain or inflammation in the joints due to excessive load or pressure that the joint must hold.

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