How To Turn The Air Conditioning On And Off Automatically Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

By simply pressing the button on the remote control of the air conditioner, you can set the desired level of cold. Along with the development of the times, you now get a lot of comfort in air conditioning. One of them is to automatically turn the air conditioning on and off. Meanwhile, if the ON or OFF function of your air conditioner is broken, you can call the mini air conditioning unit.

So how is it done? Take a look at the following review.

On / off switch on remote control air conditioner

Before we explain how to automatically turn air conditioners on and off, let’s first take a look at the functions of the remote control air conditioner remote buttons. One of the buttons on the remote control is the ON / OFF button. The function of this button is clearly predictable from its meaning, i.e. turn on the air conditioner or turn off the air conditioner.

The remote control for the air conditioner has a display button. This button works to show the configuration of the installed air conditioner. The display can show the temperature used up to which mode it is running. This screen will work if the air conditioner is on, if the air conditioner is off, the screen will also turn off.

Remote control air conditioning temperature

Only the name of the air conditioner should be related to the temperature. The temperature in an air-conditioned room can be changed according to the user’s wishes by pressing the up or down arrow temperature button on the remote control. You can see the temperature used through the displayed screen.


Inside the remote there is also a button that is used to adjust the time, the button is the timer button. Controlling this time is useful so that the use of air conditioners is not too wasteful. So that the air conditioning does not turn on in vain.

To turn this air conditioning on and off, make sure beforehand that the timer is set. The timer setting is done by pressing the 2ndF button on the remote control. After that, set the time to get the time you want.

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