Exercise When The Temperature Is Cool Burns More Calories

You might think that exercising in the sun will burn more calories, than when you exercise in winter. In fact, the reality is just the opposite. This was proven through a study published in the 2012 Journal of Clinical Investigation. The experts involved six healthy men and measure their metabolism in cold weather, but it’s not cold enough to make them shiver. Then, the experts found that male metabolism increased to 80 percent during cold weather. The body exposed to cold air turns out to actually burn more brown fat in the body. Is this making you want to make your exercise room becomes cooler? However, if you can’t do it because your AC is broken, we recommend you hire the trusted expert on air conditioning repair Columbia SC.

The explanation is like this. Our body consists of two types of fat, namely white fat and brown fat (brown fat). White fat plays a role in storing energy reserves, while brown fat burns calories to produce heat. When in cold temperatures, your body works harder to maintain core body temperature. How, the body ordered brown fat earlier to burn more calories to prevent cold. That is why you will feel warmer and not shiver in cold weather.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to exercise in a cool room, or simply exercise outside when the weather is cool.

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