Durability And Reliability Of Ball Screw

Screws are very important for motion in the industry and compared to other general screws like acme or roller screw, the ball screw offers unparalleled benefits. This particular screw usually works with a minimum of 90% efficiency, makes it the best choice when you want to convert rotational motion into accurate linear motion. The ability to carry exceptionally heavy loads at efficient and fast speeds is the part of ball screw versatility that makes it used in various industries ball screw motor. The hydraulics or pneumatic systems that require consistent air and power make ball screws to be the best cost-effective alternative in the long run. However, when the ball screw fails, the cost will be bigger to replace it so it is better to fix it at a ball screw repair service.

The recirculating ball screw consists of a nut, screw and a set of balls. This particular screw is commonly known as a ball-bearing screw or just ball screw. The difference between a power screw and a recirculating ball screw is the rolling friction replaces the sliding friction. Recirculating ball screws have a higher capability of power transfer because the friction of rolling motion is lesser than sliding friction. The recirculating ball screw has semicircular threads of nut and screw to accommodate the rolling balls. It can be used at high speed, around 10m/min because of none existence of heat generation due to the negligible friction.

The ball screw offers many advantages compared to the power screw. First, the power screw only provides efficiency by about 40% while the ball screw could reach approximately 90%. It is also higher in durability and reliability because there are no-slip and stick phenomenon and practically worn free. A ball screw needs less offset torque and during operation, it generates no heat. To eliminate backlash you could easily be preloaded the ball screw so you will have a noiseless and very smooth operation makes it suitable for high-speed operation. For the power screw of the same size, the ball screw has more load-carrying capacity.

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