Different Techniques Of Using Brush And Roll For Painting Wall

When painting the wall, the main tool used is a brush, but before using a brush, you must know the correct painting techniques, the goal is to get a painting quality paint good but do not need to use a lot. If you can apply the correct painting techniques, the time required is also shorter and the tools used are not easily damaged. In addition, the painting process can be done comfortably.

Type of brush used to paint itself there are two of the usual brush in the form of rollers. There are several different techniques of using brushes and rollers to paint the walls. The first is paintbrush is usually used on the wall at the bottom and the roller brush for the wall at the top. The painters woodstock services have expertise in this regard, make your home beautiful and have a pleasing color. Under certain conditions, the use of a brush should also be applied even if the wall is in a high place. Eg in a corner or a narrow place that can not be done if still using the roller brush. The brush used should also have a smaller size in order to be more flexible and painting work is easy to do.

Both brush and roller, before use, should be cleaned first. Especially for regular brushes should be in dry conditions, but on the contrary for the roller brush, it should be dampened first with water and then squeezed. The goal is that the roller brush is not too stiff until the painting becomes even and smooth. The painting process using a roller brush also can not be done directly from the tin but must be placed in a flat container and has a size wide enough so that all parts of the roll can reach the paint. Then the roller brush is rolled from one side to the other so that the paint can fit into the roll completely. Furthermore, the roller brush is squeezed again by pressing on one side of the tub wall. To ensure that the paint that goes into the roller brush is not excessive, lift it and wait a few seconds. If no liquid drips, it’s a sign that the incoming paint is not too much.

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