Choose Proper Men’s Underwear for Fertility

Choosing men’s underwear should not be considered trivial, because the wrong underwear can interfere with male fertility, including causing low sperm count. Therefore, wear comfortable panties and not narrow to create the optimal temperature around the testes. If you want to know about vigrx plus review, you can visit our website.

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A mistake in choosing men’s underwear can cause the testicles to be at an ideal temperature. The ideal temperature is considered to result in the testicles being unable to produce sperm with sufficient quality and quantity to be able to fertilize an egg. So that men’s underwear does not risk triggering temperatures that are not ideal for the testes so that it interferes with the level of sperm fertility, then some things below should be noted:

Avoid pants that are too tight
A study shows that wearing tight men’s underwear can reduce sperm quality. Therefore, it would be better for men to wear loose underpants or shorts (boxers).

Use loose underwear
Many doctors recommend that men wear loose underwear. That’s because loose pants or shorts are able to provide space for air circulation for the testicles, so it is good for the quality and quantity of sperm.

Choose the right material for men’s underwear
No less important is to pay attention to the material of pants when choosing men’s underwear. For every day, both men and women are advised to wear underwear made from cotton or mixed synthetic materials. However, if used during exercise, materials that should be used are synthetic materials with good technology, in order to prevent friction and maintain good body moisture. Another thing to note is that you should immediately wash your sports clothing after use.

There are also some men who decide not to wear underpants at all, but this should be done carefully. Pay attention to the right place and time, and make sure this option does not interfere with comfort. What needs to be understood, wearing men’s underwear that is too tight is not the only problem that must be considered by husbands who want to have children. There are other issues that must also be considered in this regard, namely avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking habits, drug use, and being overweight or obese.

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